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In 11 megapolis such as London, Zurich, Geneva, Switzerland, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Shenzhen, this Epic Roadshow 2019 awaits you all. Join in to be a part of the biggest Security Token Investor roadshow.

About Roadshow

Previous ICO showcases have attracted thousands of participants and have featured the world’s most passionate crypto enthusiasts and prominent experts, and covered more than 10 countries in megapolis such as London, Dubai, Istanbul, Kiev, Paris, Chennai.
The epic Security Token Investor Roadshow will begin in January-February 2019 where one can pitch to crypto funds around the globe. The tour kicks off with London on 14th January 2019 followed by Geneva – 16th January, Zurich – 17th January,St. Moritz, Switzerland – 19th-20th January. Covering major places in Asia, the roadshow will take place in Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Singapore and Dubai.


Roadshow Video

What you can expect from the Roadshow??

  • Events custom-made for you and tailored to the regional community
  • Other participating ICOs so that the content is more interesting to the audience
  • Engaged Audience of 100 - 300 in major cities
  • Where possible, we try to invite investor community though we cannot guarantee the nature of audience
  • Digital and social media marketing of the event and sponsors where appropriate
  • Sponsor Showcase at the event - Sponsor gets 30 minutes of stage time with the audience in each city.

HCX Security Token Investor Roadshow Calendar 2019



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Wait and hold your seats for the crypto Assests and institutional Investor Summit at St. Moritz, Switzerland on 19-20 January, 2019!!

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